Nemtek Poly Tape 40mm Mix10 AW-PTMX40MM/200


Poly tapes 40mm are used for their higher visibility and superior strength for animal electric fencing. The poly tape contains highly conductive wires allowing the energizer to power a much longer fence reducing the need for additional energizers.

• Durable design with a reinforced structure increases the lifespan of the electric fence wire
• The electric fence wire is easier to collect when the system needs to be portable and movable
• For medium size fences
• Bright blue and white are high visibility colour for animals
• Low resistance mixed metal wires including stainless steel and high performance wires
• Thick plastic mono-filaments on the edges to increase the life and reduce wear


Construction: 40mm wide tape
Conductors: 8 x 0.25mm stainless steel and 2 x 0.25 mm high conductive strands
Material: UV stabilised
Resistance: 160Ohms/km
Strength: 190kg (±10{68739fa983faecee31915ff283ab3cd1b2db08f58bc11950f69fd88f88215fec})


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