The Druid Controller FG7B is a seven-inch LCD touch screen that can be used to control a number of energizers and network relay cards

• Up to 32 Druid two-zone energizers providing up to 64 zones can be controlled
• Up to 31 Nemtek network IO cards (EE-FGIO8/NL) can be controlled
• Graphic image of the site with zones and the fence and energizer conditions can be displayed on the LCD screen
• Commands can be sent to the energizers using the touchpad
• Logs containing system details are recorded
• Allows for three different types of users with different access levels to be set up
• Can be configured to allow TCP/IP connectivity for integration with third-party software and systems
• For large-scale systems, additional FG7 controllers can be used


Enclosure size: H140mm x W200mm x D35mm
Weight: 450grams
Mains supply voltage 10 – 15Vdc


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