ZK DL30Z Digital Keypad Smart Lock


ZK DL30Z Digital Keypad Smart Lock

  • Unlock and manage the lock from anywhere via a smartphone
  • Share digital keys valid for a specific time to friends or guests
  • Receive real-time notifications of low battery, hijack and offline

DL30Z is a digital keypad smart lock with Zigbee communication. With the additional Zigbee Gateway, you can easily remotely unlock the door lock, check the log history, share the temporary or dynamic passcode, modify the lock’s features via ZSmart App, which is a new mobile application for the smart home system.

With its powerful and smart core, you can receive the real-time notifications of low battery, illegal verification attempts, hijack alarm of family members, offline status, and so on. Besides, you can customize conditions to trigger some messages or actions like when a family member goes home.

DL30Z is suitable for private houses, apartments, and short-term rental, and greatly brings more security and convenience to your life.


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