PA3862 Paradox TM70 Touch Screen Keypad


PA3862 Paradox TM70 Touch Screen Keypad

The Paradox TM70 Touch Screen Keypad is an intuitive 7-inch touch screen that is compatible with Spectra, Magellan, EVO and includes support for next-generation Swan panels.

One touch gives you a whole range of features and information on your entire security system, from which alarm was triggered in which room, to the real-time status of every area and zone in your installation, to any possible activity in your system.


  • 7″ colour display
  • Resolution 800 x 480
  • Compatible with Swan, EVO, Spectra & Magellan panels
  • Multi-partition control
  • In-built zone input
  • Customisable labels (zones, partitions, users, and PGMs
  • External SD media card slot (4GB with 2GB of free space) for uploading photos; acts like a digital picture frame
  • Firmware upgradeable via SD card or bus with Swan system
  • Indoor temperature reading
  • Screensaver with auto mode
  • Adjustable brightness with auto dim mode


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