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  • 17W power allows charging two 5V digital devices simultaneously at full speed
  • 3.4 amps overall provide power for phones, tablets and other 5V USB powered devices
  • It’s suitable for DC 12-24V cigarette lighter
  • Input current up to 2.4A, 3.4A overall
  • Complete protection against: electrical short circuit, overheating, electric surge and overcharging

When driving your car, the energy of your cellphone runs out of due to GPS, video and other high power-consumed apps. Equipped with dual USB port, ORICO UCL-2U car charger delivers the fastest possible current of up to 2.4A, 3.4A overall, which can charge two digital devices.

Thanks to the MPS synchronous rectification technology of US, its electric energy conversion rate reaches up to 88{68739fa983faecee31915ff283ab3cd1b2db08f58bc11950f69fd88f88215fec}, which causes less unnecessary heat and is more environment-friendly.

Built-in intelligent IC can self-adjust the ideal current to charge cellphones or tablets and protect battery from damage.

ORICO UCL-2U can boost voltage on the basis of increasing current to compensate for energy loss, keep your devices safe and ensure stable and fast charging speed.

Small size and sleek chassis occupy little car space, also avoid scratching unexpectedly.

UCL-2U is compatible with most 5V electronic devices on the market including cellphones, tablets, e-books, mini and speakers, input voltage: 12 – 24V, work with cars or trucks.

High gloss lacquer painted chassis makes it better than other similar products in flatness, smoothness and handle, carefully crafted, perfectly matching your car.


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