Nemtek Poly Rope 6mm Mix6 Black AW-PRBMIX6/200B


Poly ropes are used for superior strength for animal electric fencing. The poly rope contains highly conductive wires allowing the energizer to power a much longer fence reducing the need for additional energizers.

The black colour blends into the background to reduce the visibility of the rope in areas where visual pollution is not desired

• Durable design with a reinforced structure increases the lifespan of the electric fence wire
• The electric fence rope is easier to collect when the system needs to be portable and movable
• For medium to large size fences
• Low resistance mixed metal wires including stainless steel and high performance wires


Construction: 6mm wide rope
Conductors: 4 x 0.25mm stainless steel and 2 x 0.25mm high conductive strands
Material: UV stabilised
Resistance: 190Ohms/km
Strength: 410kg (±10{68739fa983faecee31915ff283ab3cd1b2db08f58bc11950f69fd88f88215fec})


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