Nemtek Intermediate Post Insulator 40mm Tape AI-I/PT/W


This wooden post intermediate insulator is fastened to your wooden posts and is used to secure the horse electric fence poly tape in place.
It is only used on straight runs.
The robust design secures the tape in place.
White in colour for higher visibility to the horse. The horse now knows where the electric fence is situated and should tend to avoid it.

This model is ideal for the wide 40 mm tape and although it can take the 20mm poly tape, it is recommended that the 20mm tape be used with our thick wire rope insulator which is another option to contain horses.

• Heavy duty design construction to minimise risk of breakage
• Soft blue rubber pads to secure poly tape, reducing wear and extending the life span of the tape.


Material: UV stabilised polyethylene
Rubber pad
Colour: White with blue


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