LinkQnet Inverter UPSINV1000VALQK Intelligent 1KW SOHO with Simulated Sinewave Output


LinkQnet Inverter UPSINV1000VALQK


Compliant Low Cost Budget Solution: This LinkQnet Inverter UPSINV1000VALQK high frequency simulated sinewave 12V DC to 230V AC Inverter solution includes a 20A AC-DC charger and a 1000VA 900W RMS DC-AC simulated sinewave
inverter in a compact lightweight solution which greatly simplifies installation and uses minimal space.

Low Budget with advanced options: Your safety and convenience is our priority so we have designed the UPS-INV-1000VA-LQ-K to include safety, reliability and configuration features that are normally found in much more expensive products. All of these features are enabled by using the latest technology to create a functional solution and fresh design while balancing the costs to remain within your budget. The specialised central processing unit monitors the incoming utility power as well as the load in real time and can sense reactive power to condition its power delivery based on the type of load.

The UPS-INV-1000VA-LQ-K has the ability protect itself from high voltage surges and non-compliant load situations and will transfer to battery mode or shut down before permanent damage can occur.

Solid Backup: A two year warranty with spares in stock and a fully equipped component level repair facility ensures that no matter what the circumstances, your solution will be up an running in reasonable time.

• High Frequency Reactive Modified Sinewave Inverter
• Selectable input voltage ranges (90V AC – 280V AC or 170V AC – 280V AC)
• Selectable output voltage (220V AC, 230V AC or 240V AC)
• Auto restart when AC is recovering
• User-friendly LCD panel showing load, battery condition and current settings
• Environmental temperature control and charge management
• Intelligent 3-stage charger control for efficient charging and overcharge prevention
• Configurable 10A or 20A charging current
• Protection – Low battery alarm, low battery shutdown, over charge protection
overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection
• Fan speed automatically adjusts to load and temperature for low noise
• Configurable Low Battery Cut off point to control battery Depth Of Discharge

• Buzzer alarm ON/OFF setting

Solid and Reliable
The LinkQnet UPS-INV-1000VA-LQ-K has been designed to tolerate African power grid and environmental conditions.

Battery Options
The LinkQnet UPS-INV-1000VA-LQ-K works best with lead acid (Flooded, VRLA AGM or GEL) batteries from 40Ah to
200Ah rating.


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