Hikvision C1 V30 64GB Micro SD Card


Hikvision C1 V30 64GB Micro SD Card

The general version of the consumer C1 series Micro SD (TF) card is selected to provide higher performance with better storage medium.

Up to 92 MB/s read and 50MB/s write speed, strong compatibility, it is widely used in mobile phones, cameras, tablets, etc.

For fast data storage, it can also be used to install a small capacity of industrial control system files.


Compact and easy to use
As the smallest SD flash memory card, the microSDHC/microSDXC Class 10 is a standard scalable storage option that is suitable for use in a wide range of tablet computers, smartphones, and cameras. It can also be used in conjunction with another SD flash memory card adapter to match the standard SDHC/SDXC host equipment.

Shockproof, anti-x ray, high and low temperature, can safely pass the airport X-ray machine, widely adapt to various working environment. Keep your files protected in harsh environments.


Capacity: 64GB

Max. read speed: 92MB/s

Max. write speed: 30MB/s


Format: MicroSDXC

Compatibility: microSDHC, microSDXC, microSDHC UHS-I and microSDXC UHS-I


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