RX3C – ET RXC3 CONDO Dual Single Channel Complex Receiver



  • Compatible with both ET-Blu Mix® and ET Blue© rolling code formats.
  • 999 user memory locations. Each user can be configured to use one, two or all three channels if required.
  • Individual memory location erasing without the need to have the transmitter present.
  • Clear all buttons codes from an individual channel if required. Does not affect users in other channels.
  • Each channel can be individually setup to either latch, momentary on or one shot pulse mode.
  • One shot pulse length can be setup to any time between 1 and 254 seconds.
  • Channel status memory – On power-up any latch channel will return to its last status at the time of power failure.
  • Radio frequency signal strength diagnostics facility to test for frequency interference.
  • Factory default the outputs without master erasing the user memory.
  • Master erase the user memory without changing the outputs setup.


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