CISA Mortice Electric Lock 35mm 16215-35


Swing-bolt and Latch. Narrow Mortice Electric Lock for Aluminium Doors. Electric lock mortice swing bolt & latch 35mm.

Turn your aluminium entrance door into a highly secure access control barrier with the CISA electric latch and swingbolt model no. 16215.

During operating hours the swingbolt is withdrawn and the lock is operated by the electric latch for access control purposes. After hours the swingbolt can be locked into position for extra security.

Technical Features

  • Corrosion Resistance
  • A Zinc plated steel lock case to prevent all forms of corrosion.
  • A high quality grade stainless steel faceplate: 22(W) x (D) 3mm
  • The latch is nickel plated and the swing bolt is double chrome plated for corrosion resistance
  • Easily reversible latch
  • New 24mm swing bolt to fit all aluminium sections
  • 5 to 16.5 mm adjustable latch and piston
  • 12V AC CE (optional 24V coil 07086-01)
  • Stainless steel strike 06461-06E 1.5 x 35mm
  • Nylon slide 06224-50
  • Standard Version – Security Grade 3
  • Supplied with CISA cylinder 0G300-07-12



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