Centurion SupaHelix Advanced Controller


Centurion SupaHelix Advanced Controller

SupaHelix hasn’t just raised the bar in multi-unit access control – it’s changed the game completely. A high-security controller with an intuitive navigation interface that offers a multitude of features as well as event logging, makes for an access control system that delivers unmatched convenience, security, logging and administration.


  • 10 000 user capacity – perfect for high-density residential complexes.
  • Large LCD screen and four-button navigation make setup child’s play.
  • Robust, interference-free remote control learning.
  • Transaction logging for ease of user activity and system diagnostics.
  • Easy management of individual access – users can be selectively added or deleted within groups and sub-groups.
  • USB port input for backup of system memory and bootloading.
  • Three flexible input/output channels – can each be configured as timed, mom entary or latched.
  • Removable connectors – for ease of setup and maintenance.
  • SD card contains entire system’s data – makes for quick recovery and improves data security.


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