Optex Saver Indoor RX Core PIR 862-01-RXC


The SAVER offers high performance capture through a dense Quad detection pattern, while the newly created CORE platform offers exceptional environmental stability. Suitable for residential or commercial use, SAVER protects your reputation and other values. SAVER expanded its capture performance using 156 thick edges and 78 detection zones. The Quad Optical system incorporates different sizes of areas to enhance target recognition and reduce the incidence of activations without intrusion. The digital intelligence allows the SAVER be used in numerous applications, including areas where tolerance to domestic animals is necessary. The new ECO SAVER PLATFORM includes a silent non-mechanical relay with greater immunity to magnetic interference and reduce noise sensor. The new SAVER digital intelligence reduces vulnerability to any RF noise and allows more precise adjustment of sensitivity.


● Quad Technology
● Best Cost X Benefit

● High Density Standard
● RFI reduction


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