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July 18, 2017
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July 18, 2017
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ET Drive 1000 Sliding Gate Motor for high traffic applications



Powerpack(ed) operation:

Powered by a toroidal transformer (ACDC Power Pack), with battery only as backup, meaning it can operate continuously – all day, all night!

Proven Power Pack operation

98{f4146e17c6a821bb58f99ba1b05151e6561f2b22ca87b4e4b37bcb94b61a7a07} Duty Cycle

Intelligent battery charging, cycling and monitoring

High speed (28m/min)

Intelligent electronics:

The large backlit LCD and advanced but simple electronics, makes programming and diagnostics a breeze while giving you all the functionality you need.

Large, clear and backlit LCD with intuitive menu structure

Quick learn short-cut for adding ET-Blu Mix© remotes

On screen event and fault logging and reporting

Precise gate profiling, monitoring and collision detection

Various selectable operating modes and gate parameters (e.g. gate speed, crawl distance, force, etc.)

Robust and stylish design:

Tough but good looking – designed from the ground up to take the punishment of having to operate a 1000kg gate continuously.

Heavy duty cast aluminium gearbox

Non-jamming easy release clutch mechanism

Baseplate with adjustable motor levelling

Powerful 250W, 24V motor

Stylish cover design with superior UV stabilisation

400mA 12v electronically protected auxiliary output

Excellent security features:

Taking cognisance of the ever increasing security demands, numerous advanced security features are incorporated in the Drive 1000.

Gate forced open or kept open and limit switch tampering alarm output

Safety beam tamper detection and alarm output

Manual operation of control card can be disabled

RF Jamming and signal strength tester

ET Blu-Mix© enhanced rolling code 4 channel receiver – “The most secure code in Africa” – 1000 user memory

Auxiliary relay output can be selected to operate mag lock, strike lock, lights, etc.

Positive close and electronic locking features

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