Olarm PRO-GSM and WIFI Nemtek Electric Fence Integration PA8515


Olarm PRO-GSM and WIFI Nemtek Electric Fence Integration PA8515

Get all the benefits of the Olarm PRO multiple channel communicator on selected Nemtek electric fence energizers and improve your perimeter security with real time information and instant alarm alerts on your smartphone.

Full App control for more utility: Live fence status signals can be linked to your security company making monitoring and responding to any potential threat just like your alarm.

Manage & control your fence from anywhere: Through the intuitive Olarm App manage and control your fence from anywhere, anytime.

Improve your perimeter security: As your first line of defence, get your security company to monitor the fence with live signals to their control room.

Know your fence is in top condition: Manage and monitor your fence right from your phone, with live alarm alerts, battery health condition and service status.

Saves you time: Maintaining an electric fence can be a time-consuming job. Turn the fence on or off, when needing to conduct maintenance.

Easy installation: Installing the Olarm PRO takes minutes with one cable which plugs into the Nemtek energizer.

Hassle-free integration with Olarm App: Finally, there’s an intuitive way to manage your electric fence. Olarm makes it simple to connect and maintain your perimeter security.

SUPPORTED NEMTEK ENERGISERS: Druid 13LCD & 15LCD / Druid 18LCD / Druid 25LCD & 28LCD, with more coming soon!


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