DSC Neo Wireless LCD Keypad 22HS2LCDRF8E1


DSC Neo Wireless LCD Keypad 22HS2LCDRF8E1

Code: 22HS2LCDRF8E1

  • Built-in TX/RX – 86
  • LCD keyboard with programmable messages, 32 characters. 128 zones.
  • Receiver Via radio.
  • Grade 2.
  • Support 6 languages.
  • Global partition state.
  • Supports up to 128 wired or wireless zones.
  • Programmable 32-character alphanumeric labels.
  • Menu programming.
  • Landscape keyboard with modern low-profile design.
  • Backlit white keys. Blue LCD screen.
  • Outside temperature information.
  • 5 programmable function keys.
  • Intuitive clock programming.
  • Input/output terminal.
  • Fire, medical emergency and panic keys.
  • Adjustable keyboard lighting and sound.
  • Dual tamper switch, on wall base and front cover.
  • Available with English language function keys.
  • Armed by proximity credential with MPT mini tags


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