The CISA Elettrika rim lock is the evolution of the traditional rim lock taking gate security to a new level!

Now users of the CISA Elettrika can experience even greater peace of mind, better ease of use and well-designed style.


  • The rotary hook dead-bolt has a pull resistance of up to 2,000 Kg: up to six times that of standard locks.
  • The protective steel case prevents accessibility to the lock’s internal components when the gate is closed.
  • The Elettrika guarantees consistency of operation for more than 1 million opening cycles.


  • No slamming of the gate required for the rotary deadbolt to latch
  • Silent opening and closing means no loud banging noises
  • The rotary hook dead-bolt reduces the gate’s rebound effect during closing, typical of other standard electrically operated locks
  • Elettrika perfectly matches any type of door or gate shape and style.

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