Came BPT Kits – Lithos to Perla Video Manual

Interchangeable call buttons
Video toggle
Intercom function
3 Level ring volume control
Programmable melodies

This kit includes
1 x LVC/01 1 Way Lithos panel
1 x PEVBI Perla video monitor
1 x R/1 Relay unit
1 x VAS/101 Power supply

This kit from BPT comes complete with the Lithos entry panel and a Perla video monitor which offers full duplex communication, this means the visitor and resident can speak with each other simultaneously. The kit is ideally suitable for a small home or office building.

The surface mounted panel has a brushed stainless steel finish and features an LED backlit call button with name window. It also has a video camera which provides an excellent view of the caller at the entrance.

This panel can easily reduce or increase the amount of call buttons in the future without having to remove it from the wall. Simply use the push-button modules DPS or DPD which can be purchased separately.

Also included in this kit is the wall mounted, handset free Perla video receiver. It features a 3.5 inch LCD colour display and is equipped with clearly labelled buttons which can be used to adjust the ring tone volume and screen settings.

When more than one monitor is installed within a property, the intercom and video toggle function is enabled (requires two monitors). This will allow the user to send the video feed from the panel to a selected monitor.

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